Client is the top real estate brokerage brand in Taiwan. In the past, the real estate industry was generally considered only to serve buying and selling. However, after moving into the community, whether it can extend services, such as various water and electricity repairs, can help the house and make our life better, which is the core of the real estate industry service transformation. Target. The upgrade of the store and the improvement of the services. All residents require a lot of digital tools, which may also generate more data. Through big data, it is possible to understand customers' needs better and provide them with the services they need, which can better reflect the real estate brokerage. The industry must provide customers with the concept of a good life.

Store digitization

The digitalization of the store is the most straightforward scenario to experience digital transformation. Here is the initial step in digital transformation.

In customer A's store, the paper was used to print the home objects' flyers, which was expensive and inconvenient to replace. With the assistance of CiCS intelligent cloud service, it has been gradually upgraded to a cloud-managed digital signage system, which improves the stores' operational efficiency, strengthens the headquarters' management level, and eliminates the need for the waste of paper produced by printing.

Product Solutions